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Embracing Challenge

Our Primary learners in the Prep School enter our pre-school programme in K1 and K2 where they begin to learn the fundamentals of literacy, numeracy, problem solving, knowledge of self and the world, and social skills and responsibilities through a structured, inter-disciplinary and age-appropriate approach. As they progress through Prep School, our learners benefit from the National Standards Curriculum for our yeargroups which focuses on how children can learn to apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations.
This is where our students start to learn the 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creative and critical thinking, as well as character traits such as determination and perseverance, and the self-regulation and emotional intelligence needed to be a contributing citizen. Deo Gratias Institute has many years of experience in preparing students to demonstrate their learning in the Ministry of Education’s standardized assessments, such as the Primary Exit Profile. Our young learners are prepared for a successful transition to Secondary Education at Deo Gratias Institute and beyond.
Through our Art, Drama and P.E departments we engender an appreciation for the visual and performing arts, develop skills in physical activities and instill a lifelong appreciation of healthy forms of recreation and physical fitness. An appreciation of the importance of learning a foreign language is supported from a very early age with the introduction of Spanish in Kindergarten 1, continuing through Grade 6.
The School promotes ethical values and engenders a strong sense of the importance of appreciating different cultures and peoples. We provide opportunities for students to learn to respect others who have different backgrounds and customs. We foster a climate of caring and contributing to the wider society while promoting pride in our school. Our students are also encouraged to focus on strong values through regular classes with our qualified Guidance Counsellor.
Each Grade consists of two sections, having side-by-side classrooms with their own bathrooms. Each classroom also has access to internet service. There is a Computer Lab, a Library, and a Resource Room as well as separate Specialist Area rooms for Art, Spanish, Drama, Music and Life Skills. There are two outdoor playgrounds, one for Kindergarten, and one for Grades 1 through 6.

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